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Jul 20, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. >> reporter: another neighbor said the holmes family was nice and outstanding. >> breaks my heart. >> reporter: holmes left san diego after high school attending the university of california in river side about 90 miles north o the city. the university confirms he graduated with a neuroscience degree in 2010. holmes' mother arlene still lives in the home. holmes father robert left the home escorted by police. >> as you can understand, the holmes family is very upset about all of this. it's a tragic event and it's taken everyone by surprise. >> that was christine haas from san diego. the hours and days to come, we will be discovering a lot more about james holmes. he went to colorado and was in the process of dropping out of the neuroscience department at the university of colorado in which he enrolled in june of last year. the university would not say if any particular event led to his withdrawal. police say he bought the four weapons legally in the past three months. those weapons were used in this shooting in aurora. >> we tracked down holmes' uncle in caramel. kimber kimberly? >> reporter:
Jul 21, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, but we are learning more about the suspect. police say james holmes had taken months to prepare his killing spree. >> we've become aware that our suspect over the last four months had a high volume of delive deliveries, commercial deliveries of packages to both his work and home address. >> reporter: those deliveries is how police believe he got so much ammunition and allegedly set his apartment with so many booby traps. >> it brings another element to what was experienced at the theater. >> reporter: local, state, and federal agencies attempting to not only enter but to save as much evidence as possible not to be blown to pieces. >> we're cautious about how we deal with things and take things out and make sure they're handled in the best manner for our investigation. >> reporter: aurora police kept surrounding apartment buildings empty and closed off nearby streets just before they detonated what the they believe was an incendiary device and it happened like this. luckily no fire. no other explosion. >> the threat has not been completely eliminated. it has been significant reduced.
Jul 23, 2012 5:00pm PDT
first look at suspected shooter james holmes. he made his initial court appearance this morning. for the first time, we see the orange hair and that disconnected gaze. jay gray is in centennial, colorado, where we got more from the suspect's family. they issued a statement. >> reporter: yeah, they did. basically saying that while they're standing by their son at this point, that they feel for the victims of this. their hearts go out to them but also that they won't discuss their son or the relationship between the parents and son. they've made it clear they don't want to talk as this legal process unfolds. in a courtroom today it was packed in that courtroom. among that crowd we had not only family members of victim but others with a box of tissue by their side as they along with the world heard for the first time the man police say, or saw the man police say is responsible for changing not only their lives but this entire community forever. >> you have the right to be represented by an attorney. >> reporter: these are the public images of james holmes since the attack, the pict
Jul 22, 2012 5:00pm PDT
sunday services as they struggle to try around understand the killing spree and 24-year-old james holmes, the man police say is responsible. >> the source of the evil that took the lives -- >> memorials are growing across this shattered city. >> right here. >> so many searching for some way to honor the injured and remember the fallen. >> you can't believe something like this happened in my community. we needed to pay our respect. i just feel awful. >> reporter: there is little blunt can do right now. forced to tell their young children, that their dad, john killed in the rampage will come never come. >> my son has his exact blue eyes. when i look at his smile -- when i see her smile, i see him. >> annie dalton must deal with the fact that she will never see her great niece again. 6-year-old veronica moser died in the theater and her mother paralyzed with gunshot wounds. >> her whole life is changed in a flash, for what? >> reporter: police and federal agents continue to try and figure out how and why. investigators have finished gathering and processing evidence inside holmes' apartment
Jul 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
something unusual. jaenls holmes is accused of killing 12 people in an aurora theater. today prosecutors charged him with 24 counts of murder, two for each victim. one count for premeditated murder, the other for extreme indifference to life. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom for today's hearing. what you're seeing is the original hearing. some shooting victims and dozens of family members were there. they say holmes' demeanor was different from his first court appearance. >> when we've seen him before, he looked like he was kind of spaced out or out of touch. he looked very, very alert today and very lucid as to what was going on. >> holmes said just one word out loud in the courtroom today. he answered yes when the judge asked if he wanted to waive his right to a preliminary hearing within 35 days. >>> new tonight at 5:00, oakland police are hoping a photo will help someone identify a suspect in a recent homicide. investigators just released this photo of a wallet they say is similar to the victims. the wallet is very distinctive and has a picture of a 1000 peso note on it. the
Jul 27, 2012 5:00pm PDT
on james holmes leaked to reporters today. meanwhile, visitors continued to gather at the white crosses which honor the 12 people killed in the massacre. the carpenter who made the cross lives coincidentally also in a city named aurora. but in the state of illinois. greg dennis has also made crosses for other victims. oklahoma city, 9/11, columbine and now aurora, colorado. his work is free and only delivers the crosses if he's invited by relatives of the victims. he's inspired by the loss of his father-in-law who was murdered back in 1996. >>> a less than friendly day for shareholders of facebook. shares of the menlo park company ended with a loss of 12%. closing the session just below $24 a share. the overall market, though, it was a day of gains. european leaders insist they will stabilize their economy and the american markets rallied on that news. the dow closed above 13,000 for the first time since may. >>> the chance for a lifetime of high school students. downtown college prep in san jose welcomed the class of 115 incoming freshman. they come from disadvantaged backgrounds, many
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6